Health Talk: Discover Psoriasis and Eczema by Dra. Gigi

Last June 23rd, Grace Cosmetics Philippines partnered with an expert for a Health Talk and one-on-one consultation on Psoriasis and Eczema.

This is a part of Grace Cosmetics’ campaign to share knowledge and support for people suffering from eczema and psoriasis. It is the event’s objective to at least minimise the stigma and misinformation surrounding these 2 conditions.

The first part of the program is a lecture on the difference and key items to remember held by Dra. Gigi, an Occupational and Aesthetic Doctor and expert on Psoriasis and Eczema. She discussed the main differences of these 2 as well as lifestyle changes, food and drinks to look out for as well as tips with dealing with it.

Here are some of our key take-aways from the talk.


  • Skin Reaction or Irritation
  • Asthma History
  • Immune System Abnormality
  • Environment
  • Defect in skin barrier
  • Genetics


  • Stress
  • Auto-Immune Disease
  • Lifestyle Habits
  • Preservatives in food and products
Where psoriasis and eczema appears
ECZEMA: Tends to appear on skin folds or creases as back of knees, inner elbows or between fingers.
PSORIASIS: Tends to appear on the other side of the creases as knee cap, back and scalp.
how does psoriasis eczema feel
ECZEMA: Skin is red, scaly and may or may not have blisters PSORIASIS: Skin is red, with thicker scales and cracks. Scales may also layer on top of each other.
how does psoriasis eczema look like
ECZEMA: Skin is red, scaly and may or may not have blisters PSORIASIS: Skin is red, with thicker scales and cracks. Scales may also layer on top of each other.


  1.  Eczema and Psoriasis are NOT CONTAGIOUS. You can’t get them just by touching or being around with people suffering from these conditions.
  2. Both Eczema and Psoriasis runs in the family. Having a family member affected by either of these conditions increases risk of one getting it.
  3. Lifestyle changes can bring about relief to those affected with these 2 conditions. Avoid wearing perfumes in skin care, shampoos, soaps and detergent. Avoid getting too stressed. Learn to manage and relax once in a while. Lastly, avoid alcohol and cigarettes as these 2 are shown to be common triggers.


  1. Olive oil is packed with omega-3 fatty acids which reduce inflammation. Try rubbing some warm olive oil into affected areas of the skin to soften scaly patches. Mix some  in lukewarm water to soothe itching.
  2. Studies have linked this spice to reduced inflammation in a number of skin conditions, including psoriasis.  To achieve benefits, aim to take in about a teaspoon of turmeric every day.
  3. Mix 1 1/2 cups of baking soda with 3 gallons of water. Use a washcloth to apply the mixture to itchy skin for quick relief.
  4. Pure Aloe Inner Leaf Gel in the Aloe Medicated Skin Cream is rich in anti-inflammatory and healing compounds and provides a nice cooling sensation for itchy skin. Also, including the Aloe Inner Leaf Juice in your daily diet can heal you from the inside out! Plus! It speeds up healing noticeably. 

See some of the Eczema testimonies here. If you have Diabetic Eczema, see here.

After the Talk was the personal, one-on-one consultation with Dra. Gigi. Patients get the chance to consult for FREE!

Be kind. Don’t judge. Most of the people affected with these conditions suffer from emotional pain because of misguided, misinformed individuals. Let’s all be sensitive to the feelings of others. Psoriasis and Eczema are not rare conditions. 2 and 10 people respectively suffers from it in every hundred.

If you suffer from Psoriasis or Eczema, keep an open heart and be willing to dispel the confusion. Don’t be hesitant to seek help.




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