#ALLNatural Acne Treatment for less

Prescription treatments and getting facials done are common to people suffering from acne. Sure, they may be effective in clearing acne for some (they don’t work for everyone) but who wouldn’t love all natural, DIY treatments that won’t break your wallet?

Besides, regular prescriptions and treatments often causes our bodies to form resistance, so it definitely won’t be as effective in the long run.

Without further ado, here are top 7 #AllNatural remedies for acne breakouts that won’t break you.

bottle color container cure

Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey has been shown to have the highest anti-inflammatory properties among honey. Manuka on wounds have been accepted by doctors as effective in healing. Imagine what it can do on those stubborn pimples!

Apply a teaspoon of honey to affected areas, or make a mask by mixing 1/2 cup of honey with 1 cup of plain oatmeal and leaving it on for 30 minutes. We’ve combined the powerful acne fighting benefits of Manuka with Aloe Vera in our Organic Pure Aloe Gel with Manuka Honey! Easy all natural beauty. 🙂

sliced lemon on ice water


Probably the easiest one on the list to treat acne. Just cover ice cubes in cloth and hold it on to the area with acne for 5 minutes at most, to reduce redness and swelling.

yellow oval potato


Instead of doing french fries with your potatoes, shred it and place some on the area affected by acne like a mask. The vitamins and niacin in natural potatoes can heal the inflammation and prevent darkening of the skin. Gently wash off with water afterwards.

blur brew close up cup

Tea Tree

Our list of natural remedies for acne won’t be complete without Tea Tree. It is well known to be high in anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that can easily aid in healing acne.

Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with between 20 and 40 drops of witch hazel, then use a cotton swab to apply on acne spot up to twice a day can ward off the infection and speed the healing of acne breakouts. If you are all about easy acne solution, the right combination of Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel is in the Grace Tea Tree Facial Cleanser with organic Aloe from Australia.

food healthy fruits orange

Lemons and High Vitamin C Fruits

Lemons are high in acidity that can be used to dry out acne spots and kill bacteria to prevent a major acne breakout. Vitamin C will also help you lighten the dark spots and brighten overall complexion. Need we say more?

Dab a cotton ball in lemon juice and apply it to the affected areas. Let sit for 5 minutes and rinse of with water and look at that glow! Want hassle-free acne and pore treatment? Try this #allnatural Beauty Fluids with natural AHAs made from fruit acids and vitamin C!

aloe vera plant on white pot

Aloe Vera

As you probably know, Aloe Vera is very rich in anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties. Soaking cotton on natural Inner Leaf Aloe Juice (free from latex or Aloin), will speed up the healing of acne, reduce swelling and redness. Drinking the Inner Gel of the Aloe Vera will guarantee you healing from within in the long run! Finally say goodbye to acne!

garlic in bucket


We are not telling you to put everything on your face instead of cooking them but garlic really is a good source of anti-fungals and antibiotics that is perfect for clearing acne faster.

To use it effectively as a natural treatment against acne, crush the cloves, mix them with water and apply it to the skin. Or, you can use our #ALLNatural Grace Skin Care from Australia that combines Garlic Clove and Aloe Vera as a natural remedy for acne!

While there are tons of natural alternatives to acne prescription treatments, it is important to keep in mind that not everything works the same, in the same manner that what worked for one person will necessarily work for you.

Unless you are particularly allergic to the natural ingredients above, you won’t lose by trying them out on your acne breakouts. In general, the good thing about going #AllNatural is that it is gentle, yet effective and safe.

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